عفوا يجب عليك الاشتراك بصفحتنا على الفيسبوك أولا

to Multiple Google Accounts at the Same Time

You may owned multiple Google accounts for various reasons but unfortunately you can't login on them at a same time coz Google or like practically any other website out there, doesn’t provide for this feature. Sometime it can be a headache to manage the different accounts. But now looks like that Google is working on a new feature which will enable users to be logged into several accounts at a time in the same browser.

As you know that Google account is most famous coz one of the best parts of having a Google account is that it works for all of the company’s products and can also be used to log into third-party sites in plenty of places. According the unofficial Google Operating System blog, Google is testing the functionality with a few users with the likely intent of releasing it for everyone in the future. For now, those can access it will be able to turn on the feature through their Google Accounts page.This feature will allow users to sign into different accounts in different tabs on same browser. For example, they can have two Gmail accounts opened concomitantly without one interfering with the other. The feature only works for a handful of Google sites for now, Calendar, Code, Docs, Gmail, Reader and Sites. There is a caveat for Gmail users, they won’t be able to use the offline feature if they enable multiple-account logins. Right now, you have to log out before logging in to a different account.

Google advices users that want to sign in with different accounts for the services that don’t support the feature yet to either log out of all their accounts and then login with the one they want or use a different browser. Of course, there is also the option of using the private browsing features in Chrome, Firefox and most other web browsers, as Google Operating System points out. I hope this feature will very helpful to users like me.

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