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Backup Twitter Tweets with TwitterBackup

Are you worried about losing your Twitter tweets? I too looked for a tool to back up my Twitter updates but couldn’t find one. But TwitterBackup is a free great utility that can dot this for us. TwitterBackup is a tool that downloads all your tweets and stores them in XML format. The document type is identical to Twitter’s API.

TwitterBackup is a simple Java application that enables you to backup all the tweets in your Twitter account and save them as .XML file to your computer. You can supply the output file name and configure a proxy server if needed. You need to have installed java in your system.

Just start the application and fill out the fields and press “Start.” It'll then go to connect to twitter and ask for authentication. Allow it and it'll give a pin code to enter in application. See here what to fill in:

Username: Enter your Twitter user name here. Not your email address.
Password: Your twitter password.
File Name: This is the name of the file where your tweets will be stored after they have been downloaded. If the file exists, TwitterBackup will read it and add only newer tweets to it. This is an incremental backup and faster than a full backup.
Proxy: If you are connected to the internet through a proxy, enter the proxy address and the port (optional) here. Examples: blaproxy, blaproxy:9080.
Start: To download all Tweets, click this button. This will start the Twitter back up process.

* TwitterBackup might not work if you have blank characters in your password.
* License is MIT License (OSI certified), as always.
* There is a delay time of several seconds between requests (as demanded by the Twitter API).
* Depending on the number of your updates, the backup process can take a while.
* Your settings are stored on your computer, not on my server or anywhere on the net.

Free Download Link for TwitterBackup version 3-1-3 :

422 KB - Windows 32-bit/64-bit.

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